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Commercial Video 

Visuals are an important form of media with various forms with the latest HD TV’s, projectors and video walls enabling sports footage, advertising and interaction media. We specialise in the infrastructure to distribute the high definition visuals around your venue along with an easy front end control system. This can be as elaborate as a tablet interface or as simple as a manual matrix switch. We work with leading manufactures such as Wyrestorm and JustAddPower and are able to design, install and deliver the complete system enabling you, your staff and your customers the whole visual experience at ease. 


Video displays can play an important role in your venue, from advertising through to live event coverage.  We are able to offer the full package from TV’s, projectors, LED Video Walls and most importantly the infrastructure to allow high quality video to be distributed around your venue with simple matrix controls allowing the relevant video sources to be routed to the desired displays.

Sending high-quality video signals (HD1080/4KUHD) over distances and also switching off signals is something that is often overlooked. We have many years of experience in this field and can ensure that optimum video is displayed and routed to your displays using the very latest methods: HD-BASET, HD Over IP, HD Over DTV.

Controlling your video systems can be quite a complex task leaving the end-user with multiple remote controls and switching devices to route video around your venue.  We offer a complete control solution allowing everything to be controlled from a simple custom-designed touch screen interface taking care of the video switching, projector & screen operation, audio routing and even adjusting the light levels to ensure screens aren’t overexposed.

Working with the leading manufacturers in video technology we can offer competitive pricing on products and provide a complete system design service for all your video requirements.

We can provide:

  • Video Projectors & Screens

  • Commercial Video Displays (LED/LCD/OLED)

  • Video Wall Displays

  • Outdoor Direct Sunlight Viewable LED Video Screens

  • HD-BASET – HDoverIP Video Distribution & Switching

  • System Design & Installation

  • Repairs & Maintenance

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