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AV System Integration

With technology creeping into the majority of areas there becomes a need to provide a user-friendly and simple control interface to seamlessly integrate with all of your systems, providing a simple control interface that anyone can use without any experience or fuss.

Due to us specifying, supplying, and commissioning multiple Audio / Video & Lighting systems we have a vast knowledge of how these systems need to be integrated correctly to perform the right operation.

On too many installations we see a unit to control music, a unit to control video, a unit to control lighting, various video sources with remotes, climate control etc which to the average person can be complex to use often resulting in the systems not being set in the correct way.

As an example imagine having a simple touch screen wall interface where you have a handful of buttons that you can quickly set the scene for that room that takes care of everything from Lighting Levels, Audio Levels, Video Controls to Climate Control, this is completely possible and is a system we often provide on our own installations.

We can provide Systems Integration Solutions for many venues including Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Gymnasiums, Shopping Centres, Meeting Rooms etc

We can provide control of endless systems including Audio Systems, Video Systems, Lighting Systems, Effects Lighting System, Displays, Building Management Systems, etc the list goes on.

A complete simple to use control interface for a Spinning Studio to control the whole room effects lighting system, general house lighting, and audio system, along with fire alarm integration to ensure the house lights came on and the music was muted in the event of a fire. We integrated with Madrix, BSS Audio Soundweb, Mode Lighting Dimming System at this venue.

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